Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Coffee lover’s favorite choice

The Zojirushi EC-DAC50 also known as Zutto 5-Cup Drip is a top-notch Coffee brewer that has a single objective: To make the best coffee you’ll ever taste. The general consensus among coffee lovers seem to be that the Zojirushi 5 cup coffee maker makes a great coffee. This brand is made by Zojirushi a Japanese based transnational manufacturer renowned for its high-precision water boilers and brewers.

This incredible high-end brewer boasts of the same temperature retention ability that Zojirushi boilers are well-known for. Regardless of materials used, quality, and knotty engineering brewers are made of – many filter-based coffee brewers share a common compromise: the much dreaded coffee leaks! Unlike overly intricate methods that mistakes the real solution, the zojirushi ec-dac50 zutto 5 cup drip coffeemaker offers an incredibly easy solution with its filter basket being the carafe lid.

In a single plummet, many long-standing brewer issues are untangled; heat retention increases remarkably, leaks become impossible and maximal lid’s compactness is fully achieved.

Despite being made of plastic, it sports a very modern look with its subtle bevels and curves, and a complete absence of corners. The pinkish (comes in a variety of colours) design exhibits a mind-boggling flat surface: one on the carafe platform and the other on the base of the brewer. This beautiful unique brewer is bound to attract starry-eyes and talking anywhere you place it.

The power button has a firm handle providing the right amount of resistance with very minimal touch. Also, the water reservoir and lid are quite flexible- They can be removed and effortlessly locked in place.

The machine has an excellent grinds saturation as it portrays an excellent freedom from dilution. No frills here again! Its versatility is second to none: One single flip and your coffee is on its way to the carafe. One of the down-sides of the Zojirushi has to do with the fragile steel band: Picking up the carafe yields an obvious bending in its handle which could lead to a breaking and twisting of its steel band; although the top of the Zojirushi handle is tied to the carafe by a single steel band enfolded around the upper regions of the glass, yet the remainder hangs loosely and unsecured.

Many customer have also reported another pernicious problem that discredits the Zojirushi; they claim that the machine doesn’t brew at optimal temperature until the last minutes of its brewing cycle. I would also add that it is a bit awkward because it lacks the play and serve feature.

But I’ve to honestly admit that this beast outclasses many brewers, outperforming them in flow controls, safety actuators, and brew-through lids in several fashions and in so many ways.